New Album “Duck On Cover” Out Now

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Hi y’all,

our new album “Duck On Cover” is out on Jamendo now, so get your free copy right now!

As always you are very welcome to share it and to use it as background music for your videos or when making love to your neighbor.

We’re also very grateful for any reviews you might write, because they really help increase our visibility. And getting positive feedback from like-minded music maniacs like you is the best reward we can hope for. That’s what’s making us do what we do the way we do it. :c)

Cheers and keep on rockin’,


— SHEARER’s new album DUCK ON COVER: Guerilla Rock at its best —

After a three year break the time has come: SHEARER publish their 4.5th studio album DUCK ON COVER.

** The Creation **

And that’s good reason to get excited. It’s easy to see how the band has further refined their music without morphing into something new entirely. Brave, uncompromising melodies and intelligent arrangements go hand in hand with surprising musical twists. Familiar strong emotions and a new energetic serenity show that SHEARER have found themselves without treading water.

The themes in DUCK ON COVER are darker than those on previous albums. There are still SHEARER-like questions about life and being, but there are also more oppressive visions and crushing fears. Song titles like “The Future Is Lost”, “No Love”, “War Machine” or “Without Your Ghost” speak for themselves.

Like the predecessor “Monument”, the new album is a guerilla style home production. Only the rooms have changed: SHEARER moved from their singer’s closet to their bass player’s store-room. The recording vlog at WWW.SHEARER.DE gives visual insight into the process.

In the end the many hours in the store room were more than worth it: DUCK ON COVER is the most honest and most polished but also the rawest SHEARER-album so far. Actually it’s quite clear, that it’s the best SHEARER-album ever. Again. At least until their next release.

With DUCK ON COVER SHEARER will once again play an important part in the underground free music scene. That’s the way SHEARER are – ignored by the mainstream media, but loved by rock enthusiasts who don’t settle for what the MAFIAA (TM) put on their plate (look ‘em up if you don’t know ‘em). In that sense you don’t get guerilla rock for free – you have to earn it.

** Background Information **

Maybe you have been asking yourself what all that guerilla rock talk is about: Like every decent album release, DUCK ON COVER will be available at iTunes, Amazon & Co. But like the predecessors it will also be available as a free download – past major labels, directly to the people. And again, this is happening with the friendly support of afmusic. This freedom is one of the main reasons for the band’s high profile and growing fan base. Consequently SHEARER are taking their passion for free rock music to a new level by also allowing (and wishing for) the commercial use of the new album (Lizence CC BY 3.0).

The band celebrates this by throwing complete album CDs from the stage into the crowd. That way they heave online freedom into the offline world. And they are also closing the circle to the educational US-movie “Duck & Cover” – the inspiration for the album’s title. The movie was shot in the 50’s and used to teach American kids what to do in case their neighborhood got hit by a nuke.

To keep nowadays injuries due to CD-fallout to a minimum, DUCK ON COVER is shipping in a soft case – also lovingly called cardboard cover by the band. A high end deluxe version with increased risk of injury is supposed to be crowdfunded. That is, if there are enough nostalgics out there, who still like to put physical data carriers into their Billy(TM)-shelves. The reader might remember that from his or her childhood or that of his/her parents.

Our next album Video Diary 11

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